Kurt Cobain, gone 25 years: Manager details their final conversation

April 5, 2019, marked 25 years since Kurt Cobain’s tragic suicide. One of the men who was with Nirvana during the band’s storied early-’90s run, their former manager Danny Goldberg, has now written a new memoir memorializing his time with the rocker, titled “Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain.”.

On the 25-year anniversary of Cobain’s death, Goldberg spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about the last time he saw Cobain, when Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love, asked him to help the rocker by being part of an intervention.

“I was in New York, and Courtney called and asked if I would come and be part of an intervention,” he said. “She was really worried about Kurt, said it was the worst she’d ever seen him, and so forth.”.

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Goldberg described how Janet Billig Rich, another manager who worked with Nirvana and Love’s band Hole, “found some dude who had been part of interventions before, a 12-step person,” and “maybe half a dozen people” flew into Seattle and traveled to Cobain’s home for the ill-fated meeting. “Kurt was really stoned, and we went to the house, and it was weird, and he was not happy, and feeling invaded by people lecturing him on how he should behave, and who would?”.

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Soon after, Goldberg would speak to Cobain for the last time, and Goldberg put his young daughter Katie on the phone in an attempt to cheer Cobain up, realizing the depths of Cobain’s depression.

“She told him that she was upset that (his daughter) Frances had pinched her the last time they were together, and could Kurt please talk to her about that?” Goldberg recalled. “And he got back on – and he still sounded really just depressed and wiped out. I just told him I loved him, and that was it.”.