Michael Che slams Trump’s debate performance on ‘WWHL’: ‘He’s in his terrible twos’

A bigger debate than chardonnay vs. Pinot Grigio was discussed in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse on Sunday night.

“I want to say that it was fun watching the debate with you,” host Andy Cohen told his guests, former Saturday Night Live cast members Colin Jost and Michael Che, “but I actually feel grosser than I did after a day of shooting the Jersey Housewives reunion last week, watching a 90-minute ‘debate’.” Yes, Anderson Cooper’s BFF put debate in air quotes.

While cardboard cutouts of Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon dressed as candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton respectively acted as bartenders, Cohen asked his guests about the second presidential debate.

‘Saturday Night Live’ grabs Donald Trump by the hot mic.

Che said Clinton’s decision not to address The Donald bringing up her husband’s past was “the best way to play it.”.

“We already decided that he is the dirtbag. Let him be the dirtbag,” Che said. “Why bring your husband into this? And, also he’s not running against Bill Clinton. He’s running against Hillary.”.

Che’s castmate believed Trump’s antics were effective.

“He’s good at generating soundbites,” Jost said. “He says a phrase over and over and so you remember it.”.

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Jost also recognized comedy gold in Trump’s body language.

“I’m so excited for Alec Baldwin,” he said, who has been playing Trump on this season of SNL. “I mean… The way he just was hovering and lurking.”.

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Che was not a fan of the number of times Trump interrupted Clinton. “He’s a baby,” Che exclaimed. “He’s in his terrible twos right now.”.