Moby, Questlove, others endure puzzling ‘Experience’

Moby is featured in Jennifer Elster's 'The Being Experience.'

What on earth is The Being Experience?

People have been speculating about Jennifer Elster’s mysterious multimedia project for a long time — in fact, it’s been nearly three years since “clues” began popping up online.

Here’s what we do know: Several notable folks participated in the project, including Moby, Questlove, Alan Cumming, Rufus Wainwright, Terrence Howard, Temple Grandin, Debra Winger, Dave Matthews and Will Shortz.

The Experience includes several series of films: In the Woods, Into the Cave, In My Mirror, The Mill, Concrete Underground and But We Are Home. This new trailer focuses on the woodsy aspect of it, in which celebrities appear to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere to self-reflect:.

Yoko Ono provides vocalizations for the videos, giving them even more of a David Lynch-ian feel.

A synopsis doesn’t reveal too much: “Each person agreed to walk into the unknown. The journey will unfold over time. The messages will become clear to the informed viewer as an episodic film experience is unleashed. The delivery will be as unconventional as the experience itself.”.

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I’m puzzled and intrigued. Head to thebeingexperience.Com, facebook.Com/thebeingexperience and twitter.Com/JenniferElster for more head-scratching details. The next installment arrives June 25.