Pickup truck strikes Southwest Boeing 737 at Baltimore airport

A Southwest Airlines flight arriving to Baltimore-Washington International Airport was hit by a ground crew’s pickup truck as the plane taxied to a gate after arrival early Monday morning.

The incident first came to light after a passenger on the aircraft tweeted about the incident upon arrival.

“So our @SouthwestAir flight just got in an accident with a pick up truck,” Michael Simon, an apparent passenger on the Southwest flight tweeted after arriving to the airport.

A subsequent photo posted by Simon, a professional lacrosse player for the Denver Outlaws, appeared to show at least some damage to both the ground crew’s truck and to the plane.

Simon talked to USA TODAY, describing what he saw.

“I’d just woken up from sleeping and was a little groggy, but my mind was simultaneously thinking, ‘Wow this truck is going to hit us’,” he said. “But at the same time, I was thinking, ‘There’s no way he’s going to because like there’s a huge airplane in front of him’.”.

Then, “everyone felt the thud and felt the airplane stop,” he said.

Southwest confirmed an incident to USA TODAY’s Today in the Sky blog, saying that there were no injuries to any of the 172 passengers.

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“Southwest Flight 6263 with scheduled service from Fort Lauderdale to Baltimore Sunday evening was pulling into the gate at Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) when a ground vehicle came into contact with the aircraft,” said spokeswoman Michelle Agnew.

According to Southwest’s website, Flight 6263 departed Fort Lauderdale about 45 minutes behind schedule at 10:03 p.M. ET on Sunday evening and landed at BWI at 12:36 a.M. ET on Monday morning.

Agnew said the aircraft has been taken out of service, adding it was too early to provide additional details.

“As with any event, we will conduct an internal investigation to learn what happened in the interest of safety. It would be irresponsible to provide details until we’ve had time to thoroughly review the facts,” she said.