Talk back: Did you see the ‘Office’ finale?

Note: This post discusses last night’s series finale of The Office. You may wanna skip it if you haven’t watched yet!

So long, Dunder Mifflin.

Last night The Office said farewell after nine seasons — and, considering how many characters wound up leaving the workplace, it looks like there’s really no turning back.

Personally, I’d give the super-sized episode a “B.” I liked that it gave us closure: Jim and Pam are finally getting the heck outta Scranton, Michael Scott has a family, Dwight and Angela now have a family, Stanley has retired, Creed has been nabbed by the fuzz. The most unexpected news might’ve been that even Kevin has moved on to owning a bar, where he seems much more at home.

I also enjoyed the long list of guest stars, from SNL’s Bill Hader and Seth Meyers to the awesome Joan Cusack to the brief appearance by former Ben and Kate star Dakota Johnson. And even though several writers ruined the surprise, it was still exciting to see Steve Carell return for one last “That’s what she said.”.

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I suppose my primary criticism of the ep is that, well, it could’ve been funnier. To me, the finale felt like an hour-long drama with a few laughs thrown in, while I was hoping for the opposite.

But what did you guys think? Sound off and remember the good ol’ days in the comments. (In case you missed it, the episode is streaming on Hulu.).

Although we said this when Seinfeld ended, it rings true again: Thursday nights just won’t be the same.