The best spooky podcasts to get you ready for Halloween

Before you greet trick or treaters, treat your ears to some scary stories with these podcast picks.

Looking for something new to listen to while you drive to work/go for a walk/wash the dishes? We’re here for you. In weekly series Podcast Pick, we’re highlighting a podcasts, audio personalities or specific stories worth hearing.

Aside from ordering an impractical outfit online and cutting shapes out of a giant orange fruit, the best way to get in the Halloween spirit has to be sharing spooky stories.

Don’t have any of your own? There are podcasts for that. Here are the five best audio shows to get you into the spooky holiday mood.

1. Deadly Manners

What is it? The Clue-type story takes place over ten episodes at a dinner party where there’s a mysterious murderer. It launched Oct. 3 and features the voices of Kristen Bell, Denis O’Hare, RuPaul, Timothy Simons and Anna Chlumsky.

Why listen?Deadly Manners is funny, and LeVar Burton is the narrator. Our ears love LeVar Burton.

2. Lore

What is it? It’s a biweekly show from thriller author Aaron Mahnke. The series contains creepy, sometimes funny, always informative (and true!) Stories about grave robbers, spirits and murderers.

Why listen? Hear some of the twisted tales before they come to Amazon Prime: Lore is getting a six-episode anthology series.

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3. Snap Judgment presents: Spooked

What is it? WNYC Studios’ Spooked is an 11-part series that runs now through the end of October featuring short, haunting tales told by the people who lived them.

Why listen? It’s a Snap Judgment spinoff hosted by that show’s engaging emcee, Glynn Washington, who has plenty of unbelievable ghost stories of his own.

4. Criminal

What is it? Criminal, a biweekly series co-created by host Phoebe Judge and producer Lauren Spohrer, tells real-life crime stories about everything from an identity thief who lives closer than expected to a faraway Harry Potter fan who delivers death threats.

Why listen? The show presents a wide range of sympathetic characters who stay with you even after the podcast ends.

5. The Nosleep Podcast

What is it? The fictional show, hosted and produced by David Cummings, features original horror stories from the “No Sleep” subreddit every two weeks.

Why listen? Cummings, a Redditor himself, is joined on the show by other Redditors, some of whom have gone on to publish their own stories.

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