‘The Family Stallone’ drama: ‘Rambo’ dad Sylvester is ‘traumatizing’ on daughters’ dates

Turns out Sylvester Stallone loves himself some reality TV, from”Below Deck” to “American Idol.” He even secretly watches “Dancing With the Stars.”.

But actually starring in a reality show was far from the “Tulsa King” star’s mind before his influencer daughters convinced him to bring cameras into their own home.

“I was nervous. It was like, ‘Reality? I don’t know if I fit into that world,'” says Stallone, “But I’d do anything for my daughters. And I’m glad I did.”.

“The Family Stallone” world has improbably arrived on Paramount+ (now streaming). The Oscar-nominated “Rocky” star, 76, reveals his once ferociously protected private life with wife Jennifer Flavin, 54, and their daughters Sophia, 26, Sistine, 24, and Scarlet, 20.

But don’t call them The Kardashians. “We’re so different from them,” says Sophia. “We’re definitely the Stallones.”.

Here’s what to expect in the eight-episode reality series:.

Dating with a Rambo Dad can be ‘traumatizing’

For the single Stallone daughters, dating is a nightmare: Their suspicious father proudly intimidates any prospects in a way only the “Rambo” star can. This overprotective behavior started when a classmate called Sophia for help with history homework. “That was in the fifth grade,” says Sophia. “My Dad told him I was in Egypt … For two years.”.

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It’s only gotten worse bringing dates home. Stallone likes keeping it chilly. “It’s like walking into a prize fight ring,” he says. “It’s like, ‘Hmm, so that’s your opponent.'”.

Sistine recalls a late-night home canoodle that was consciously uncoupled when her dad appeared, dramatically backlit, on the overlooking balcony. He was in a bathrobe with “a golf club or some kind of weapon,” she says.

“I wish it was a fever dream, but it happened,” says Sistine. “It was traumatizing to have my dad see me about to kiss a boy, but more traumatizing for the boy who never returned after that.”.

Jennifer Flavin on family: ‘We fight and we also love really hard too’

Curious viewers won’t see marital drama on screen. There’s nothing on Flavin’s 2022 petition for a divorce that was withdrawn amid Stallone’s vows to put family “first.” Stallone and Flavin, celebrating their 26th anniversary on Thursday and together for 36 years, are a romantic and unified couple on “Family Stallone.”.

Flavin promises relatable family drama on the show. “We’re a normal family, so we have our fights and our good times,” says Flavin. “The thing is, we fight and we also love really hard too. So our fights are big, but they’re not cruel, and we get over them really fast.”.

She quickly got used to having TV cameras in the house. “To me, it felt right. The only thing I felt nervous about was showing too much. I didn’t want to go into our bedroom. But everything else was OK. When you work with people you love and trust, there wasn’t hesitation. No one is going to sabotage you to make a better TV show. We’re just acting like ourselves.”.

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How Al Pacino got ‘bushwhacked’ by ‘Family Stallone’

How did “Godfather” acting legend Al Pacino end up on a reality show? Stallone admits to pulling a fast one on the longtime friend he sees “three times a year, maybe less. Al is always busy.”.

“I thought, why don’t I bushwhack him on camera,” says Stallone, who invited Pacino to a Los Angeles pizza joint for a slice. “The pizza comes, and then the camera appears. (Pacino) was like, ‘What is this? I’m on a reality show? Oh my God.’ And he just went with it.”.

Flavin says Pacino was cool when cameras stopped, approving the footage. “He was the first one to sign the release form,” says Flavin. “It was like, ‘Where do I sign?'”.

Frank Stallone returns as eccentric Uncle Frank; Dolph Lundgren never revealed cancer battle

“Family Stallone” would not be complete without Stallone’s musician brother Frank, 72, who plays the real-life role of a bombastic neighbor who’s still rocking.

“Our Uncle Frank, we love to hate him and hate to love him,” says Sistine. “He’s just so unpredictable, we knew that having him on the show would be the perfect wildcard. And he is.”.

“He’s never been married or had kids. He’s so opposite all of us, so it adds great commentary,” says Flavin.

Another frequent dining companion is Stallone’s “Rocky IV” villain and “Expendables IV” co-star Dolph Lundgren, who revealed an eight-year cancer battle last week to the world. Even close friend Stallone was caught by surprise.

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“I called him as soon as I read the news. I really had no idea. And I have seen him socially every weekend. He never gave any indication,” says Stallone, adding he admires the stoicism. “(Lundgren) didn’t want to put his trials and tribulations on anyone else. He’s really as tough as you get.”.

Things will get messier on ‘Family Stallone’

The Stallones look suspiciously and perpetually stylish in the reality show. This look comes even though the production company “only allowed us to have one hair and makeup person for five people,” says Flavin.

But “Family Stallone” will get messier as the season progresses, or at least more casual. Stallone promises the family will “fall apart,” possibly even resorting to a sweatshirt or T-shirt.

Scarlet says the initial formalness will pass. “We’ve been such a private family all of our lives. And to have all of these lights and cameras, we wanted to look good,” says Scarlet. “As the season progresses, we’ll get more comfortable.”.

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