Weekend picks for book lovers

"Deep Down Dark" by Hector Tobar

What should you read this weekend? USA TODAY’s picks for book lovers include a new book about the miners rescued in the 2010 Chilean mine collapse.

Deep Down Dark: The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine, and the Miracle That Set Them Free by Hector Tobar; Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 320 pp; non-fiction.

Four years ago, the world watched as 33 miners were trapped in the San Jose copper- gold mine under the desert of northern Chile. For the first 17 days, their fates remained unknown.

After 69 days, the men were rescued by riding in a small basket that pulled through them the rock that had kept them underground. Their feat of survival made them heroesl.

But despite all of the publicity surrounding the miners, they were known to most people as just a group, not as individuals.

In Deep Down Dark, author Hector Tobar has fixed that problem by creating a three-dimensional portrait of the miners. We see their complicated family lives, the wives, estranged wives, children and girlfriends who waited above ground for their men to surface. It is an account that brims with emotion and strength.

USA TODAY says ***1/2 out of four. “Tobar excels by showing up that the miners, despite their heroic survival story, are still human.”.

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Some Luck by Jane Smiley; Knopf, 416 pp.; Fiction.

The first installment in a new trilogy of novels following an Iowa farm couple, Walter and Rosanna Langdon, and their ultimately far-flung offspring over an entire century beginning in 1920.

USA TODAY says ***1/2 out of four. An “auspicious beginning” to a trilogy… “A masterpiece in the making.”.

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher by Hilary Mantel; Henry Holt, 242 pp.; Fiction.

A story collection by the author of Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies.

USA TODAY says ****. “A book of (Mantel’s) short stories is like a little sweet treat. OK, it’s not sweet — as if the title weren’t the first clue.”.

Cosby: His Life and Times by Mark Whitaker; Simon & Schuster, 544 pp.; Non-fiction.

A biography of comedian Bill Cosby, timed to the 30th anniversary of the 1980s “must-see-TV” landmark The Cosby Show.

USA TODAY says **** out of four. “Clear-eyed, fair-minded, deftly written.”.

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell; Random House, 624 pp.; Fiction.

Holly Sykes comes to see that she is being used as a pawn by rival cabals of semi-immortal mystics engaged in an invisible war that spans continents and centuries.

USA TODAY says *** ½ out of four. “When they arrive at the end… Many readers will want to begin the journey all over again.”.

Contributing reviewers: Ray Locker, Kevin Nance, Martha T. Moore, Gene Seymour.