WWE’s Carmella opens up about miscarriages, says it was ‘really important’ to share story

WWE superstar Carmella opened up about her fertility journey and how she processed multiple miscarriages, as the former Smackdown Women’s Championship expects her first child with husband and WWE commentator Corey Graves.

Carmella and Graves appeared on the “Tamron Hall” show Wednesday to reveal the gender of their baby, who is due in November, and also shed light on the difficult road that led to that moment.

“It was awful, but I felt like if I’m going through this, surely there are other women out there going through the same thing, so let me share my journey so I can at least be a little more open about it and talk about it,” Carmella said. “When I finally shared it, women came out of the woodwork sharing their experience. Women I even knew.”.

The most ‘isolating experience’

Carmella, whose real name is Leah Van Dale, announced her pregnancy May 1. She also posted a video of her telling the children of Graves, whose real name is Matt Polinksy.

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The pregnancy reveal came after Carmella had two miscarriages, one of which was an ectopic pregnancy.

“After every storm there is a rainbow 🌈 our little miracle is due this November and we couldn’t be more thrilled,” she wrote on Instagram.

Carmella said on “Tamron Hall” when she had her first miscarriage, she dealt with it privately because she “felt like that’s what you do.” When she had the second miscarriage, she called it the most isolating experience.

“When it happened again I just felt like, ‘how do I take this and spin it into somewhat of a positive note, if that’s even possible’?” Carmella said. “It was really important for me to share my story.”.

She said she felt a sort of shame after the miscarriages, wondering if she did something wrong or if she could’ve done something to prevent it.

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Pregnancy tests and positive affirmations

Carmella posted a picture of several pregnancy tests on Instagram last week to show “what pregnancy after several miscarriages looks like.”.

“I used to think you take a test, it says positive and that’s that,” She wrote. “Unfortunately, that’s not the case for so many of us. Surely I can’t be the only one who did this and even though I felt like a crazy woman at the time and still do by posting about it, I want other women out there who have a similar story to know they’re not alone.

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“I still get nervous before every doctors appointment and I cry when I hear the heartbeat because I know we’re ok. Every day it gets a little easier. I’m a big advocate for positive affirmations and speaking things into existence. I’ve tried implementing that from the beginning of this pregnancy and it’s made a huge difference for me.”.

Carmella, Corey Graves gender reveal

Carmella and Graves also had their baby’s gender revealed on “Tamron Hall,” with blue confetti raining on the set to indicate the couple will have a baby boy.